Morganton and Mountaintown Baptist Associations
Saturday, April 17, 2021

Jamacia Mission Trips

We help coordinate two trips to Jamaica each year. Contact us if you would like to go or financially support this ministry. We do revivals and construction work on each trip and in July we conduct VBS in as many churches as we have people. Our teams number from 10 to 80 and the age of people on the team range from 2 years to 80+ years. We work with a local pastor, Rev. Denzil Jack, and his circuit of four churches. When our teams are large enough we move into other local circuits. Call the association office for more details. Total cost for the trip is around $1,000.00. Next trip is July 17-25, 2020.
See pictures below.
January 10-18, 2020
July 12-20, 2019
January 11-19, 2019
July 13-21, 2018 Team
January 12-20, 2018 Team
July 14-22, 2017
Kindergarten Building Dedicated in July 2017
January 2017 Team
Kindergarten Building January 2017
January 2016 Team
Building progress - inside is ready for painting and tile - outside is ready for rendering!